The Coop creates a new mobile application for its members

The Cooperative Logistics Network’s web app will allow members to touch base with their partners and the network 24×7 via their mobile devices

The Coop has developed a member-exclusive mobile application that agents can save to their Apple and Android devices via Google Play or App Store. Members will now find all the important network information as well as their partner’s contact at their fingertips. The app can be used to find any agent within the network and interact with them instantly via Skype, email, or WhatsApp.

Digitalization and the introduction of technology-oriented operations have become all the more important in the post-pandemic era and are indispensable for the smooth transformation of this sector. Industry 4.0 is in need of more effective tools and processes that save time, boost productivity, and increase the outreach of the companies. The creation of The Coop’s mobile app is one more significant step of the network in this path.

The Coop Web App
The Coop Web App


As stated by Antonio Torres, The President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network, “We have created this new web app to facilitate instant engagement between our agents who can now find their network partners by their name, country or territory and immediately start a conversation with them. This application will surely take the digitization endeavours of our network one step further.”

With this application, The Coop agents will be able to quickly access all the latest updates from their partners and the network. It will keep the agents posted with all the key updates from the network and they will also be able to edit their profile with just a few taps on the phone.

Click this link on your mobile devices to access The Coop’s web app.

The Cooperative Logistics Network takes part in the Container Shipping Conference 2023

This virtual event consisted of top-level content and thought leadership discussions by means of innovations in dealing with the current and future logistics challenges

Andrea Martin  was invited to be speaker at the Container Shipping Conference 2023 which took place from 30th– 31st May, where she delivered a presentation on the subject of “The importance of a digital strategy for freight forwarders.” The seminar, organized by PTN Events, served as a gathering for pioneers in the field of next-generation technologies, fostering discussions on digital innovation.

The Coop FreightViewer
Container Shipping Conference 2023


The Coop’s FreightViewer department selected this topic with the intention of highlighting the importance of adopting new strategies and for navigating the transformative changes brought about by Industry 4.0. During the conference, Andrea Martin addressed three key aspects: the profound impact of Industry 4.0 on the logistics sector, the significance of embracing a digital strategy to secure a position in this evolving industry, and the various challenges that may arise throughout this process of digitization.

During her presentation, Andrea Martin emphasized the significance of devising a digital strategy within the logistics sector to effectively adapt to the technological shifts occurring in the industry. She also shed light on how FreightViewer plays a crucial role in assisting members with their digitization endeavours. Moreover, she highlighted two primary advantages of the platform: seamless connectivity between members and the ability to operate online. Concluding her participation, Martin addressed the multitude of challenges that arise throughout the implementation of digital strategies in the logistics business.

The Container Shipping Conference assembled a panel of experts to explore a range of topics including container optimization, platform collaboration, the causes and effects of port congestion, accelerating digitalization, investment scenarios, and efficiency-enhancing solutions. It assembled global container shipping professionals to understand and discuss international market issues and technical challenges. Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders and familiarize themselves with innovative approaches that can enhance their knowledge and equip them with future tools and tactics in the sector.

As stated by Antonio Torres, CEO and Founder of The Cooperative Logistics Network, “We are always keen on participating in conferences that showcase digital innovations within the industry. Such events not only keep our members and us well-informed about the latest developments in the logistics sector but also provide an opportunity to position our member-exclusive transport management software, FreightViewer, in the context of the new era where establishing a digital strategy has shifted from being optional to becoming a mandatory requirement for freight forwarders. We extend our gratitude to PTN Events for extending the invitation to us, and it has been a pleasure to be a part of this event.”



The Coop interviews Wilson Huang, the Sales Manager of leading logistics tech firm BlueX

Andrea Martin, from The Coop’s FreightViewer department, talked online with Wilson Huang, BlueX’s Senior Sales Manager, about the industry-defining trends in the transportation and logistics industry

Two years back, the Coop made available FreightViewer, a free and exclusive online quote generation software that allows its members to send instant accurate quotations within a few seconds. This tool that greatly simplifies the quote generation process, was created to encourage the members to embrace digitization. The transportation and logistics industry is going through a transition phase. Moreover, since March 2020, this sector is undergoing a somewhat disruptive transformation. This is precisely why the small and mid-sized forwarders are trying their best to digitize their operations by using solutions offered by companies like BlueX.

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Coop Interview with BlueX-digitization in logistics
Andrea Martin, from the Coop, interviews Wilson Huang from BlueX


The BlueX team provides useful logistics tech platforms making ocean freight service simpler and more accessible both for the freight forwarders and the carriers. Simply stated, they connect the logistics companies and the clients on a single easy-to-use platform.

BlueX cooperates directly with the carriers for fostering a new business model that optimizes the ROI of the freight forwarders. In this interview, Mr. Huang and Ms. Martin discuss how the industry is directing its focus mainly on enhanced productivity and client servicing. Furthermore, they also talk about the impact of the pandemic on the digitization of the logistics industry.

According to Mr. Huang, the transportation and logistics industry had started the digital transformation around three years back. Nevertheless, the process picked up speed, and now it is absolutely essential to beat the intense competition. Since 2018, this sector has witnessed the rise of many new technologies. For instance, eight out of ten best carriers have invested in creating automated quotation generation software. Maersk, the biggest name in container shipping, did this10 years back by launching Maersk Spot Booking. At the moment, over 52% of their shipments are booked via this platform.

After working for many years in this sector, Mr. Huang thinks that automation is no longer the future, it is happening right now. Until now, it was only the biggest carriers who were taking the major steps towards digitization. However, this is no longer the case. Independent freight forwarders are embracing digitization like never before. They are using online tools and software to automate their daily work process and increase productivity. Flexport, a logistics and customs brokerage firm has set a great example. They have shown us how automation can be used to meet the modern requirements of this industry. In addition, the pandemic has also accelerated the process of digitization of the transportation and logistics industry. In other words, the digital transformation is no longer a vision but a reality.