COOP agent in Bremen, Hamburg and Frankfurt names FreightViewer as the game-changer tool for members

After testing our Transport Management Software, Mika, from Kopf & Luebben GMBH, states that FreighViewer is a great opportunity to take the next step towards digitization.

Mika Seebeck, in charge of the airfreight and EDI in Kopf & Luebben GMBH, is now working with FreightViewer and comments that software will be the next important step for K&L to optimize the daily business process

Mr. Mika states: “FreightViewer will become a really useful and important tool for K+L. Our customers no longer need to wait for our quotations, they just enter the shipment details and immediately obtain the cost for their shipment. Additionally, it will save a lot of time for us, since we do not need to calculate and offer rates manually to our agents and customers. And as you know, time is money“.

Our agent also comments that: “All Members can use it for free and save much time with this tool. The software can use the rates from other COOP members as well and if a customer of K+L needs the delivery charges in another country the system will check if a COOP member has uploaded valid import rates and uses these rates for the quotation […]It can help all COOP Members in their daily business process and it is a feature which nearly all our competitors are unable to provide”

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FreightViewer Department will be happy to assist you if you may need any assistance with the use of the software or if you would like to know more about the system by scheduling a personalized demo. Please contact

Kopf+ Lubben GMBH handles the transportation of a self propelled passenger stair from Moscow to Hamburg

The Coop member in Bremen, Hamburg and Frankfurt, won this interesting project from the manufacturer of staircases in Germany

A self-propelled passenger staircase had to undergo maintenance service with a German manufacturer within the shortest possible span of time since it had technical issues during the Saudi Arabian King’s state visit to Russia. The airfreight team of Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services was in charge of this sensitive project. The colossal escalator arrived on Sunday night from Moscow on an IL-76 freighter at Hamburg airport and required special handling off the main airfield

Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services were also ordered to do the handling after maintenance had been done and successfully re-loaded the staircase after a couple of weeks. The same type of aircraft was booked to pick up the staircase in Hamburg and flew it out to Saudi Arabia.

The highly experienced airfreight team of Kopf + Lübben Cargo Services successfully discharged the staircase, arranged for customs procedures and transported the cargo to the plant. In the words of Tobias Teichmann, Manager Airfreight of Kopf & Lübben, “We made use of a special ramp to unload the elevator very carefully with the right precision down to the final millimetre. The staircase was delivered to the plant within a couple of days and maintenance work started shortly after the landing in Hamburg, thanks to the excellent job of our team members.”

The Coop congratulates Kopf & Lübben for their outstanding achievement!

For shipments to/from Frankfurt, Bremen or Hamburg, make sure to contact their expert team:

Tobias Teichmann