The Coop turns 5!

The Coop started accepting applications from members in September 2014 and commenced their global operations since December 2014

The Cooperative Logistics Network which started its journey from September 2014 has turned 5 years old. The Coop was formed with members from over 60 cities across more than 50 countries which together had a total of over 5000 employees with a sales turnover exceeding EUR 550 million for 2014. Since then, The Coop brand was endorsed worldwide as a practical and attractive new opportunity for freight forwarders who henceforth benefitted from the tailored service of a strong network of local independent agents, and an international reach.

“It was during our 1st Annual Meeting at Bangkok in May 2014 when members began to realize the enormous potentials of our network and the rewards of collaboration. Since then we have travelled a long way and presently we count on over 288 agents from numerous cities covering 124 countries with a total of more than 13,928 employees.” says Antonio Torres the President and Founder of Cooperative Logistics Network. Last year alone The Coop was joined by 85 new members and the number keeps increasing.

Presently, The Coop is one of the premier non-exclusive networks of independent freight forwarders who are offered an international brand, a digital infrastructure, and an impressive global presence. Apart from 5 highly successful Annual Meetings, the steady rise in the number of our agents, and the introduction of an array of online tools and PR services for our members, one of our most significant achievements in the last 5 years consist in the introduction of our member-exclusive online tool FreightViewer, which has taken the digitization efforts of independent freight forwarder one step further.

Keep an eye on our upcoming newsletter for a special coverage of our 5th Anniversary!

C Hartwig S.A. celebrates 160 years of innovation and excellence!

C. Hartwig, a Coop member in Gandsk and Gdynia, takes their employees to a resort located in Sobieszewska Island to commemorate their 160th anniversary

Last weekend C Hartwig S.A., a Coop member in Gandsk and Gdynia, celebrated their 160th anniversary at a plush resort in Sobieszewska Island.

The entire gang of C Hartwig enjoyed sport activities which were aimed to tighten the ties between members. After a sumptuous dinner, they enjoyed the performance of a stand-up comedian which was followed by a gala party which lasted till dawn.

“Over 300 employees, key partners, guests and clients went to a resort on Sobieszewska Island which was the venue of our celebrations.” says Michal Siemiatkowski, Network Coordinator of C.Hartwig.

Michal Siemiatkowski continues: “Our entire team was in super high spirits and we’re certainly looking forward to our 320th anniversary party,”

We wish a very Happy 160th Anniversary to the  C. Hartwig team!